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Personal Health Records Made Easy


Powerful Healthcare Platform

Not simply a personal health record, TidyHealth reflects your lifetime of healthcare. It cannot change the past but it may positively affect your future. This app is totally yours - waiting quietly to serve you and your loved ones.

  • Clear overview of your healthcare 
  • All medical records in one place
  • Set reminders with one click

Family SharingTools

Paying close attention to the people in your life sends a powerful message to your family. TidyHealth helps you give them what they need when they need it. No outsourcing their medical care data.


  • Organize entire family
  • Get realtime appointment alerts
  • Share critical information

The Data Is All Yours.

Which means TidyHealth affects only you and you keep it exactly how you want it. Choose which records to save rather than what to throw away. It's good to know that you are in control and no one else will see it unless you show them.


  • No third party access
  • Safe and secure on your devices
  • Lifetime availability
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Decluttering is the trend

Why not organize your personal health data in this revolutionary new app. 

Feel in control when you must confront health challenges or help loved ones get the best care And best of all, your data stays with you forever. If this sounds good to you, try out TidyHealth. It's free.

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