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    Version 5.4 (Coming August 2024)

  • view date when Meds Discontinued 

  • new feature - Settings screen

  • Backup to iCloud now automatic option

  • display Latest Backup Date

  • toggle for Permissions option

  • toggle for  Dark Mode option

  • To Do list added to Office Visits

  • bug fixes and user interface improvements

​     Version 5.3 (Release July 2024)

  •. New Feature - Digital Pharmacies

  •. Ob-Gyn shown only to Women

  •  red asterisk indicates required entry

  •  time of  Office Appt. now viewable

  •. Data Management help is updated

  •. Files sort by name, detail, or date

  •. bug fixes and user interface improvements


    Version 5.2 (Release June 2024)

  • new section for Minerals 

  • select menus for Medications

  • Maximum Daily Dosages are pre-filled

  • Costs tracking expanded

  • counting Remaining Refills enabled

  • menu for taking meds added

  • share button on all list pages restored

  • discontinued meds listed a-z

  • Tidy Tips tweaked

  • bug fixes and design improvements

    Version 5.1 (Release May 2024)

   • Send Feedback button on Home page

   • Quick Start Onboarding available

   •.add link button in Topics added

   •. My Personal Health Record replaces CCD

   •. Progress Chart is now Progress Notes 

   •. Health Logs is now Daily Logs

    •. Clinical Encounters is now Office Visits

    •  Tidy Mascot introduced

    •. bug fixes and user interface improvements

    Version 5.0 (Release April 2024)

   • brand new front end framework 

   • new dedicated Reminders page

   •.formatting for iPad and macOS

   • tap name anywhere to go to Home

   • choose whose reminders to see

   • Encounters is now Office Visits

   • bug fixes and user interface improvements

     Version 4.5 (Release March 2024)

Tidy Health app is changing under the hood, and we want to give you a heads up. We are revamping Tidy’s code framework to improve your experience and give you more ways to benefit from keeping a personal health record. 

    Version 4.4 (Release February 2024)

  • tabs remain open when app is closed

  • metrics can now be deleted

  • iOS 17 compatible

  • Markup support for saved files

  • new 7-Day FREE Trial

  • additional Patient Portals added

  • Providers now appear in PDF Summary

  • Backup / Restore tweaked

   Version 4.3 (Release December 2023)

•. updates for iOS 17

•. Patient Portals added to Outside Data folder

•  add Video Preview in App Store 

•. allow unlimited entries in Trackers folder

•. enable both Max / Min goal lines on charts

​•. Navigating App added to Help page

•. add RSV option in Vaccine menu

•. save selected category when app is closed

•  select No.. Doses of vaccine

•. list vaccines on menu a-z

•  DOB is now Age on Home page

•.  Outside Data added to Help page

•.  Insurance Type menu update

•.  list view displays file counts

•.  crash fixed when restoring backup​

    Version 4.2  (Release October 2023)

•.sort alerts by upcoming Appointments

•  simplify Share with Someone invite

•.  enter negative values in Vision Chart

•.  Patient Profile replaces Account Profile

•. add Blood Type in Patient Profile

•. enhanced Questions for Doctor

•. include Patient Name in reminders

•. set Office Visit reminders easily

•. design changes

   Version 4.1 (Release September 2023)

•  sort Care Team by A-Z

•. edit Reminder Dialog Box

•. set Office Visit Reminders

•. add Time of Office Visits

•. new - Questions for Doctor

•. update Home page user interface

•. fix bug when Copy to Contacts

•. enable deleting of Trackers

•. remove past due Reminders


   Version 4.0 (Release August 2023)

•  sort Files by date

•  enable personalized alerts

•  add menu for Medication frequencies

•  declutter Home Screen reminders

•  add calendar date pickers

•  select all Export as PDF options

•  update Share with Someone


   Version 3.9 (Release June 2023)

•  introduce Tidy + Premium Plans

•  enhance Backup / Restore

•  update Export as PDF

•  list frequency of Medications

•  improve Reminder format

•  sort Reminders by date

•  offer Redeem Code

•  fix bugs in Conditions 


    Version 3.8 (release April 2023)

•  customize  Export as PDF

•  introduce Share with Someone

•  fix bugs in Backup / Restore

•  choose any Backup in Files


    Version 3.7 (release March 2023)

•  introduce Share with Someone

 •  Choose Any Backup in saved Files

 •  tweak color theme

•   update Export as PDF

 •  wrap text in Description fields

 •  design and performance tweaks

     Version 3.6 (release February 2023)

•   fix bugs in backup and restore

 •  add date of Export as PDF

 •  add Group Practice field to Providers

 •  add Time  to Office Visit dates

 •  update all prompts

     Version 3.5 (release January 2023)

•  introduce! Export as PDF 

 • expand Medication list view

 •  update Backup Data button

 •  display number of values entered

 •  fix Files layout

 •  add Edit in all Files

      Version 3.4 (release December 2022)

  • Life Expectancy now in Account Profile

  • add start / end dates in Prescriptions

  • add  button to delete all entries

  • add fields to Account Profile

  • show warning icon for severe Allergies

  • add + Files in Providers

  • fix bug where keyboard disappeared

  • introduce Google Ads

  • allow unlimited number of accounts

     Version 3.3 (release October 2022)

•  fix crash when selecting Photo Library

•  user can scroll What's New

•  fix iOS 16 user interface bugs

•  user can add daily values in Trends list

•  prompts remain on screen

•  add warning when Passcode enabled

•  user can delete Medication dates

•  new format for Past History folder

•  fix iPad bugs

    Version 3.2 (release August 2022)

•  add new Metrics in Trends folder

•. choose either bar or linear graph

•  add Warning Line in graphs

•. add  Key Event in graphs

•. tap Reset Data button in Trends

•. tap Set Reminders button in Trends

•  enable Share Diary entries

     Version 3.1 (release June 2022)

•  Share graphs within Trends folder

•  Delete reminders right on Home screen

•  See more options in Frequency menus

•  Archive discontinued non-prescriptions

•  More easily print Health Profile

     Version 3.0 (release April 2022)

•  Background color theme updated

•  Dark Mode now available

•  Audio Consults updated

•  Email Care Team with one tap

•  Import Emergency contacts

•  Enter "Things to Ask" in Office Visits

•  New feature Health Screenings  

•  Delete Inactive Conditions

•  Tap for Discontinued Prescriptions

•. MacBook version bug fixes

    Version 2.9 (release March 2022)

•  Tap patient name to return Home

 Save Backup button on Home screen

•  Delete Files within Progress Chart

•  New feature My Covid Journal 

•  Devices tab added to Allied Services 

•  Now edit name of Allergy

•  New Feature Emergency Contacts 

    Version 2.8 (release February 2022)

•  Outside Data transfer 

•  Swipe to delete Allergy entries

•  Edit name and date of Files

•. Current date entered as default

•  Note Start date to Medications

•. Note End date to Medications

•. Scrolling bug fixed 

•  What's New now appears  on Help page

     Version 2.7 (release January 2022)

•  New feature Discontinued Meds 

•. Visual Acuity timeline

•. User Interface updates

•. What's New landing page 

     Version 2.6 (release December 2021)

•  Enter unlimited text in Notes 

•. Add Reminders in Allied Services 

•. Many bugs squashed


      Version 2.5 (release November 2021)

•   Customize contacts within Care Team 

•.  Field to enter Notes in Conditions 

•.  Regional Date Format enabled

•.  Entries sorted by Date 

•.  Select multiple diagnostic tests

•.  New feature Allied Services 







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