What's New

    Version 3.2 (release August 2022)

•  New metric Symptoms in Trends

•. New metric Vitals in Trends

•. Toggle to choose bar or linear graph

•  Draw Warning Line in graphs

•. Show Key Event in graphs

•. Tap Reset Data button in Trends

•. Tap Set Reminders button in Trends

•  New way to share Diary entries

     Version 3.1 (released June 2022)

•  Share graphs within Trends folder

•  Delete reminders right on Home screen

•  See more options in Frequency menus

•  Archive discontinued non-prescriptions

•  More easily print Health Profile

    Version 3.0 (released April 2022)

•  Background color theme updated

•  Dark Mode now available

•  Audio Consults updated

•  Email Care Team with one tap

•  Import Emergency contacts

•  Enter "Things to Ask" in Office Visits

•  New feature Health Screenings  

•  Delete Inactive Conditions

•  Tap for Discontinued Prescriptions

•. MacBook version bug fixes

    Version 2.9 (released March 2022)

•  Tap patient name to return Home

 Save Backup button on Home screen

•  Delete Files within Progress Chart

•  New feature My Covid Journal 

•  Devices tab added to Allied Services 

•  Now edit name of Allergy

•  New Feature Emergency Contacts 

     Version 2.8 (released Feb 2022)

•  Outside Data transfer 

•  Swipe to delete Allergy entries

•  Edit name and date of Files

•. Current date entered as default

•  Note Start date to Medications

•. Note End date to Medications

•. Scrolling bug fixed 

•  What's New timeline on Help page

      Version 2.7 (released Jan 2022)

•  New feature Discontinued Meds 

•. Visual Acuity timeline

•. User Interface updates

•. What's New landing page 

       Version 2.6 (released Dec 2021)


•  Enter unlimited text in Notes 

•. Add Reminders in Allied Services 

•. Many bugs squashed


        Version 2.5 (released Nov 2021)

•   Customize contacts within Care Team 

•.  Field to enter Notes in Conditions 

•.  Regional Date Format enabled

•.  Entries sorted by Date 

•.  Select multiple diagnostic tests

•.  New feature Allied Services