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                  Data Files

Apple's Files app is its mobile version of iCloud Drive  - similar to Dropbox or Google Drive - but with a difference -  photos, pdf documents, and html web pages can be stored in named Folders and Sub-Folders - and viewed while using Tidy Health. If Files app is full, then data is encrypted and moved to Apple’s remote iCloud servers.  


Your Files manager is Tidy Files. Your uploads are organized and integrated inside designated galleries - Documents / X-rays / Labs - so you can more quickly find what you seeking. Whenever files are added in another place (such as Vaccinations), they are duplicated and saved in one of the Tidy Files galleries.

To Add Files -

Tap + > Files > Browse > Storage Location of choice > Edit 


To Create Folders -


Files >  Browse > tap icon in upper left > Add and Name New Folder > Open >  Save 

To Create Sub-Folders -

Files > Browse > Open Folder > Add and Name Sub-Folder > Open > Save

To Upload HTML web pages -


Go to web page >  Share Sheet > Save to Files > Name File > then Add File 


To Restore deleted files on Mac - if less than 30 days -


Go to > Settings > Advanced > Restore Files


To Restore deleted files on Mac - if more than 30 days -

Go to Finder >  iCloud Drive > Time Machine > Find File > Restore