Data Files

You should know that Apple's Files app is included on all devices and stores data stored on your mobile devices as well as on iCloud Drive. You can save images such as  photos, pdf documents, and html web pages right on your device and then organize and view them in named Folders.   

Tip - works best when you activate iCloud Drive on all your devices.


Tidy Files is your File manager. Your images are downloaded and organized within their own Galleries - Documents / X-rays / Labs - so you can quickly find what you need. Also, when you add a File in another section (such as Vaccinations), a duplicate is saved in one of the Tidy Files Galleries.

To upload images and documents -

open it > tap share icon > select Save To Files > Name File > Add File

To download images and documents  -

Tap + Add button > choose from Files or Photos > Save 


To create Folder - 


go to Files >  Browse > tap 3 dots in circle > Add New Folder > Name >  Save 

To re-name, share, copy, or delete Folder -

find Folder > long press on its icon > select option