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        Getting Started


Clutter grows as families amass medical records. Most of us feel anxious and stressed about keeping records but when it comes to our healthcare it is essential to do so. Being messy can affect your healthcare choices and hurt your sense of well-being. We hang onto every bit of information - because we fear we may need it someday. No one likes to deal with throwing out information accumulated over many years. What we need - and Tidy app provides - is a good organizational system, particularly for ongoing care.


Here are some simple steps to take the complexity out of building your personal health record. 


Before you enter any data, look over Tidy’s Home screen, where you will notice 6 folders each containing several tabs or sub-folders. This particular format, called zettel kasten or “little card box”, has been recognized as an ideal way to organize and manage data. 


Getting started is easy. As with any kind of organizing, start small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Begin by filling in the basics of Allergies, Medications, Conditions, and maybe Vaccinations. Then later continue by working backward, filling in the details and adding new data as you go along. Keep in mind there's no need to fill in every space at once - or maybe ever. This is your personal record, to keep as you want.


Tidy app is not about keeping perfect records or even about counting your daily steps or calories. Our aim is to help you take control of the health-care journey of yourself and your loved ones.

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