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                    Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Set up your profile, then enter your most recent information into Health Profile folder. Later you can enter more details, add files, and new data as you go along.


Take a moment to get acquainted with the folders on your Home screen - Health Profile is where you list your medications, allergies, conditions, and past history - and share with those who need to know. Care Team is a contacts book dedicated to your healthcare network - with actionable buttons and appointment reminders.  Tidy Files  saves and manages your photos, documents, and files. Progress Chart provides a timeline of your healthcare journey.  Health Log is perfect for recording medical journal, expenses, favorite websites, and daily metrics that you can graph Medical Records  is where to store important records like insurance cards, family history, and legal papers.


Populating your healthcare data should be as painless as possible. Tidy gives you lots of ways to go through your piles of records systematically and enter them into the app - dropdown menus, check lists, file imports, prompts.  Once entered, you can expect it to be there forever. Data is saved and stored locally on your own trusted devices - so you can access it offline or share with others anytime.

It may take awhile to get comfortable with all the features in Tidy app, or fully populate your entire medical history. but keep in mind that there's no need to fill in every space at once - or maybe ever. Avoid getting stuck on any one thing - work one folder at a time. Even embrace the process - going over a lifetime of care can be a pretty powerful way to review your health status. 



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