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                    Getting Started

Getting started is easy. After setting up your profile, you are ready to organize your information inside files tucked neatly inside 6 folders.


Take a moment to get acquainted with your home screen - Health Profile folder is where you can quickly view your medications, allergies, and conditions.  Care Team folder works like a super contact book - with reminders. Digital Files folder will become your dedicated file manager. Progress Chart folder lets you track your healthcare services. Health Log folder goes way beyond counting your daily steps. Medical Records folder is better than a safe deposit box. 

With TidyHealth, you get simplicity and unification. Our super easy interface uses your phone's camera to scan and digitize your paper documents and x-rays. Our file manager uploads your digital data seamlessly. Best of all, data is saved and stored locally on your own devices - so you can access it offline or share with others anytime.

Populating TidyHealth should be a once-in-a-lifetime project. We give you lots of ways to go through your records systematically and enter them into the app. No need to decide what is no longer needed. The goal is to make entries once only and create a personal health record  that you want to keep forever.

Once you experience its orderliness, you will want to maintain it, but without the frustration and anxiety of electronic portals. You can count on your most important information to rest there quietly - until you need it.

It may take weeks to fully populate all your medical history. The process of keeping records can be dreary and fatigue sets in quickly - but keep in mind that you do not need to fill in every blank at once - or even ever. Avoid getting stuck on any one thing - finish each folder at a time. Embrace the process - going through your medical history can turn out to be a pretty powerful way to review your health status.