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           General Questions

How do I subscribe to Premium + Plan?

To Join Now, go to Help tab and tap Subscribe!


I have a problem. How can I get help?

We are here to help. Tap the chat icon below and we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


I can no longer find Tidy app on my Home Screen?

Apple now puts newly updated apps on App Library screen. To move Tidy app back to Home screen, go to device Settings > Home Screen > Newly Downloaded Apps > Tidy Health > Add to Home Screen.


What devices work with Tidy Health app?

Tidy app was built for iPhones, iPads, and M1 MacBooks. It is not currently available on Android, Chrome, or Windows devices. 


Do I need to provide any personal information or register my Tidy Health account?

No. All data is stored directly on your own device and never seen by anyone else unless you share.


I would like to leave a 5 star review about Tidy on the App Store?

It's easy. Tap Help tab on Home Screen and go to Review App. Please keep in mind that any rating below 5 stars may lower Tidy's average score. If you have issues or feedback, kindly contact us by tapping on chat icon below or send email to

Help! My screen froze.

Sounds like a hardware glitch. First try rebooting your device. Next try removing then re-installing Tidy app but be sure to backup data before removing it. If issue persists, contact us to report a bug. 


What is best way to report a bug or crash?

Go to Help tab on Home Screen and tap Feedback - describe your issue in detail or send a screenshot.


Can Tidy's color theme be changed?

Not directly but you have options: 1. turn on Dark Mode 2. go to device Settings > Accessibility > Display > Color Filters > toggle on Grayscale. 3. Click side button 3x > Accessibility Shortcut > Color Filters > select Grayscale. 4. Tap back of phone > Accessibility Touch > Back Tap > Color Filters > select Grayscale.


How can I remove entries no longer needed?

If entry is in list view, slide left and tap red X. Or else go to menu and uncheck selection. To delete images, tap edit button when available, or go to Tidy Files > Images > edit X.


How do we know our records won’t disappear if Tidy app is no longer supported?

All data is saved locally on your own devices and not stored in a proprietary cloud. So even if Tidy app goes away, you will always have access to your data.


Can an account be added or removed?

Yes. Open Accounts + tab on Home Screen and tap + button to add a new account. Tap edit button to delete an account and all its data.

I can not find Tidy app on my computer’s App Store?

When you search for Tidy app, toggle on iOS apps (not MacOS apps). Note that Tidy app is only compatible with the new M1 and M2 Macs and not with older Intel-powered computers.


When trying to type, my keyboard disappears. Help?

Before reporting this bug, try this -  1. shut down and reboot your device, or 2.  back up data then delete and reinstall Tidy app. If does not work, send bug report.

I can no longer dictate notes using the mic key on my keyboard?

Go to device Settings >  General > Keyboards > toggle on Enable Dictation > then tap Add New Keyboard > choose (English UK) and remove English (US).

What is best way to print out my records?

Open Share sheet then choose Print option if your printer is iOS compatible. If not iOS compatible, choose Save to Files option and save .png file in iCloud Drive then Print. Stay tuned for new feature Export as PDF coming soon.

Can I download emails into Tidy Files?

Yes, open email > tap File tab > Export as PDF > save in iCloud Drive and then download directly into Tidy app.


           Data Management


Is there a way to transfer medical records from other apps such as Capzule or MyMedical?

Direct sharing of data between two unaffiliated apps is not possible. But records can be transferred. Open Help tab and read  "To My Medical Users" in the About section.


Is data entered on my iPad, also visible on my iPhone?

Although no automatic sync, you can migrate data from one device to another quite easily. To learn how, go to  "Data Migration" in Help tab.


Can everyone on my iCloud account see my health records?

No, by design, all your data is saved locally on your own device and is never seen by anybody else unless you share. Sharing data between multiple users or devices requires that you back up to iCloud and then restore backup file on the other device. See “Data Migration” in Help section.


Must I tap Done or Save buttons to save new entries?

No, all entries are automatically saved and stored on your device. But it's good to regularly backup data on cloud service of choice. Go to "Backup Data" in Help section to read more..


Does my Tidy record integrate with my provider's Electronic Health Record?

No, Tidy app is not meant to be a typical EHR portal. Rather it sits outside your provider network and provides an easy way to keep and share private health data regardless of system.


Do I need a password to open my backup zip files? 

No, backup zip files are never opened and so do not require a password. Simply tap backup zip file and successful backup will be confirmed.


Entering lots of  health data can be tedious using my small mobile device keyboard. What do you suggest?

You can backup and restore data using an M1 computer. Or some users love pairing a remote external keyboard with their iPad or iPhone.

I deleted Tidy app by mistake and did not backup my data. Is there any way to restore my data?

It may be possible if you save to iCloud. Go to "Data Backup" page of Help tab to learn more.


             Home Screen


How do I print out Tidy records? 

Tap share button and select Print option.  if your printer is not Apple compatible, select Save to Files > Export as PDF > Print Files.


I don't see Tidy appointments in my Calendar app?

Tidy appointments currently sync only with Apple Reminders app and can be managed directly in that app.  If you prefer a calendar app,  try downloading the Tidy-compatible Fantastical app.


How can I remove or modify reminders?

You can manage and sync your Tidy reminders inside Apple's Reminders app.. Go to Settings to make sure Tidy has permission to access Reminders app, 


            Health Profile Folder


How do  I add Conditions not listed on dropdown menu?

After typing condition into "enter other" space, tap Return key and choose active (red circle) or inactive (blue circle).


Can I save a med record even if it is discontinued?

Yes, you can save med's complete record in a dedicated list  in Medication folder. Go to Prescription >  Rx Number and check the box marked "discontinued". Med will automatically move from Prescription list to Discontinued list.


What if frequencies on dropdown menu do not match my schedule?

Select "Take as Directed"- then enter specific instructions in Notes field. To set up a personal alert, open Reminders app and edit notifications.


.How do I delete a photo or file from details page?

Tap edit button if available, or find its image in Tidy Files and tap edit.


             Care Team Folder


How do I manage appointments?

Tap "Add Appointment" button at bottom of Provider's page and fill in date, time and where. Reminder will appear on Home Screen. Long press on reminder to share with another person. You will get a notification 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. To re-schedule appointment, tap "Edit Appointment" button. To customize alert schedule, open Reminders app and customize notifications. 

I tried to add appointment reminder but nothing appears?

Go a bit slower so appointments can process thru Apple Reminders app. If still not working, you may try to reboot your device, or sometimes it is necessary to re-install Tidy app (after backing up data of course). 


Where can I keep medical information in case of emergency?

Tidy does not try to duplicate Apple's Medical ID service which provides a universal way for first responders to access your emergency information even when your phone is locked. But you may want to keep emergency contacts in Care Team folder that can be contacted in case of emergency.


Can I sync contact information between Tidy's Care Team folder and my phone's Contact book?

Yes, you may export or import contacts directly to or from your Contact Book.  Note that all information may not be transferred and need to be re-entered. Also phone calls can not be made from Tidy app unless a copy of contact is copied to phone's Contact Book.


               Tidy Files Folder


How do I add captions and dates to images saved in Tidy Files?

Long press on thumbnail image -  then type caption and date and tap green checkmark. when done.  Files will be sorted by date.


Is it possible to save emails in document file folder?

Yes, open email then tap Files > Export As PDF File. You can then open Document folder and tap Add + FIles. 


How can I archive documents, files and photos saved in other folders?

Images and files are automatically copied and added to the appropriate Tidy Files folder. Tap "Data Files" tab in Help section to learn more.



             Progress Chart 


Where do I keep details of visits to my physicians? 

Go to  Progress Chart folder > Office Visits and select type of visit. Then tap + button to create a record of your encounter. To add details and images, tap > arrow. You can also create scheduled visits and put images and questions here in preparation.


Where can I keep and track lab results?

Keep record of Diagnostic Tests and Health Screenings by adding details and images, including pdf files or photos of test results. Or follow specific lab values over time by recording values in Trends folder of Health Logs.


Is there a shortcut when entering Provider name repeatedly?

Yes, you can copy and paste names from Care Team folder.


             Health Logs Folder


Can I enter individual lab results?

Yes, go to Health Logs folder > Trends > Medical  and choose a metric from menu or create your own.  You can also download lab reports by tapping Add + File in Progress Chart > Diagnostic Tests.


How best to  track my daily blood pressure, mood, symptoms?

Go to Health Logs folder > Trends > tap a category > then select metric from dropdown menu, or create your own. You can enter daily values and track them on bar or linear graphs - and even indicate abnormal values or key events. 

How can I graph my blood pressure  in Trends?

Systolic and diastolic pressures, as well as pulse, are entered and graphed separately for clarity. However, if you prefer one number, you can enter your BP as 120.80 for instance.



              Help Tab


I forgot my passcode - help?

Tidy does not have access to your passcode, but all is not lost. You can try as many 4 digit codes as you like,  since there is no lock out limit. 


Does Tidy app have  a User Manual or Tutorials?     

Yes, it's in Help tab. We know change can be hard,  so we offer prompts, tutorials, and guides. Also check out Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs.


         Using Computers and Keyboards


How can I enter data into Tidy using a keyboard?

If you have M1 MacBook, you can install Tidy in your computer's App Store.  Or try using a remote external keyboard with your mobile devices.


I cannot scroll Tidy app while using MacBook?

Go to Tidy Health Preferences and turn off Touch Alternatives.


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