Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my medical record from third-party apps such as Microsoft's HealthVault?

    - We try to keep it simple -. just sign into the third-party website - for example - and choose Summary Report then Export option. Then select  File Format and click Export button. Save to your computer Files as .pdf file. When you open Tidy Files folder, tap + Add Files and choose the third-party file you saved. It will appear in Tidy Files as a pdf document that can be reviewed by those who need to know. (Note: Third party info will not populate your Tidy Health database. This is by design to prevent inaccurate, outdated, or misapplied information)

I entered all my data on my iPad and now want to be sure it is available on my iPhone. How do I do this?

              It is easy to do. Go to More tab > Backup on iCloud > Backup Now. Then open Tidy Health on iPhone and go to More tab > Backup > Restore > zip file. Be sure same user ID was used for turning on iCloud services on both devices.

Hey how do I set up reminders for appointments?

           - To Add Appointments - tap name of Care Team member or tap + to add a new Member. (Note: you can import info from your contact lists or type in manually) Then tap ADD APPOINTMENT button on bottom of Member's detail screen and select date and time. Your appointment will be automatically set to alert you 24 hrs in advance and will also appear as a reminder on the bottom of Tidy Health's Home Screen. (Note: you can modify your alert settings by opening up the Reminders app that is pre-installed on all iPhones)

What is the best way to track my blood pressure?

        - Use the Diary in Health Log. It is a great place to log daily readings and track how you are doing with any particular condition of concern. Not only can you see trends, but you can document what affects it, and what your next action step will be. Your trend over time can be easily followed on Diary's summary page, and you can share it with your health care team. 

I am concerned that there does not appear to be an "appointment history" maintained?

         - Yes, appointment histories can be kept in our Encounters folder, or you may see a list of completed appointments by opening the Reminders app that is pre-installed on your device, tap the 3 dots in upper right, and select Show Completed. You can even decide how long to save them by going to your device's Settings > Reminders > Default List > Tidy Health > Sync Duration. Very cool.

Why can't I migrate old data directly into Tidy Health app?

        - The best way to save your old medical history is simply upload a Summary Record to your computer files - and then download these documents into Tidy Files. We are not into databases - trying to sync incompatible sets of data from one app into another can be frustrating - and serves little purpose. As long as old records can be easily viewed and new data entered exactly as you wish, you should be good. Entering your medical information need not be a chore with Tidy Health - and too it can be a good way to review your current health status and feel more in control.

What do I do when I encounter bugs, crashes, freezes, and other problems to be expected with such a new application?

             - We are fixing bugs and adding new features all the time. Please go to the chat icon at the bottom of this screen and start a chat. Someone will get back to you right away - and we appreciate your help. 

How do I change appointment information?

               Go to the data entry screen of the provider and tap the Change Appointment button at the bottom. 

How do I delete Files?

              -  - Did you know all saved files are duplicated in Tidy Files folder?  So you can find the designated file there and tap edit and then tap X. Or if your app is in sync with your computer, open Finder and delete files directly. Or Browse in Apple's Files app, find the file and delete it. Otherwise, simply remove entire entry by swiping left and then re-enter info without the file.