Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my medical record from Microsoft's HealthVault into Tidy Health?

         - It's pretty simple to do. Sign into  and choose Export in navigation bar at top. Select HTML File Format and click Export button. Save to icloud as html or pdf file. Then you may open Tidy Files and tap  Add Files and download ur Healthvault record. That's it!

What is the best way to track my blood pressure?

        Diary in your Health Log folder is a great place to log blood pressure readings and also track how you feel with that particular BP, what affected it, and what your followup action will be. Your trend over time will be listed on the Diary's summary page, and you can always take a screenshot and send it to your provider. If you feel a need to graph out your blood pressures, there are many detailed tracking apps including Apple's Health app.

I am concerned that there does not appear to be an "appointment history" maintained?

         - Yes, your appointment history can be kept in Encounters folder, or you may see a list of completed appointments by opening Tidy Health list in the Reminders app on your device, tap the 3 dots in upper right, and select Show Completed. You can even decide how long to save them by going to your device's Settings > Reminders > Default List > Tidy Health > Sync Duration. Very cool.

Can I migrate data directly into Tidy Health app?

        - The best way to save historical data is simply upload Summary records to your computer files - and then download HTML documents into Tidy Files. We are not into databases - trying to sync incompatible sets of data from one app into another can be frustrating - and serves little purpose. Old records can be easily viewed in Tidy Files - and new data entered exactly as you wish. Updating your medical information need not be a chore - and can be a good way to review your current health status. And there is a certain sense of accomplishment and control when you do it. 

What do I do when I encounter bugs, crashes, freezes, and other problems to be expected with such a new application?

             - We are fixing bugs and adding new features all the time. Please go to the chat icon at the bottom of this screen and start a chat. Someone will get back to you right away - and we appreciate your help. 

How do I change appointment information?

               Go to the data entry screen of the provider and tap the Change Appointment button at the bottom. 

How do I delete Files?

              - In Tidy Files you can tap Edit and then X. In other folders you currently need to delete entire entry including Files.


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