Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my medical record from other apps such as Microsoft HealthVault or MyMedical?

    - We try to keep it simple -. just open the other site and select Summary Report then Export option. If asked, choose File Format PDF and click Export button. Save to your computer Files as PDF file. Find Tidy Files folder in Tidy Health app, tap + Add Files and choose the File you saved. It will be saved in Tidy Files as a summary document that can be reviewed by those who need to know. (Note: Third party info will not populate your Tidy Health database. This is by design to prevent inaccurate, outdated, or misappropiate information.)

There appears to be a glitch in MyMedical where I can not export my summary report?

Correct, but you can email yourself a PDF document then Save it to Files. When you go to Tidy Files Folder, tap +Add From Files and download your document.

Why can't I just transfer my data from one app to another?

        - This question is asked quite a bit. Best way to move data between different applications is to upload your summary pdf document and then simply download the file to Tidy Files folder. For something as important as your medical information, you can not trust transfer of data between two entirely different databases. Providers actually prefer to access your old records available within a single file; they are not into databases. Of course, you will want to organize any current data moving forward, and Tidy Health provides lots of help, including drop down menus and layering of detail. Remember, there’s no need to enter every bit of data at once. Now may be a good time to reflect upon your health status as you tidy up your records. 

I entered all my data on my iPad and now want to be sure it is available on my iPhone. How do I do this?

              It is easy to do. Go to Help tab > Backup on iCloud > Backup Now. Then open Tidy Health on iPhone and tap Restore from Backup button.. Or go to Help tab > Backup > Restore > zip file. Be sure same Apple ID is used on iCloud services on both devices. Zip files are never opened and passwords not needed.

Need to be able to modify conditions from active to inactive and back. 

      - You can easily change active / inactive by tap on selected circle on menu. Active will appear in red and inactive conditions in blue.  

Entered data into allergies by mistake and can find no way to delete it? 

         - Remove allergies from drop down menu by tapping on check box to undo selection. Delete typed allergies by sliding entry to left and tapping red X. 


 Could you provide some reassurance that your app will be working in 5 and 10 years from now, or if you shut down there will be a way to migrate into a spreadsheet?

        - We at Tidy Health understand the frustration when a trusted app is no longer supported. We intend to update regularly and be there for you in the future. Note that Tidy Health app does not use remote servers. All medical information is stored right on your own device and can be backed up with the cloud service of your choice or an external hard drive.


What is the best way to track or log measurements like my blood pressure or blood sugar?

        - Use the Trackers app in Health Log. It is a great place to log daily readings and track how you are doing with any particular metric of concern. Not only can you see trends, but you can document what affects it, and what your next action step will be. Your trend over time can be easily followed on Tracker's graph page, and you can share it with your health care team. 

I am concerned that there does not appear to be an "appointment history" maintained?

         - Yes, medical visit histories are kept in Encounters folder, and also you may archive completed appointments by opening iPhone's Reminders app, tap the 3 dots in upper right, and select Show Completed. You can even decide how long to save them by going to your device's Settings > Reminders > Default List > Tidy Health > Sync Duration. Very cool.

What do I do when I encounter bugs, crashes, freezes, and other issues? 

             - We are fixing bugs and adding new features all the time. Please go to the chat icon at the bottom of this screen and start a chat. Someone will get back to you right away - and we appreciate your help. 

How do I change appointment information?

               Go to the data entry screen of the provider and tap the Change Appointment button at the bottom. 

How do I delete Files?

              -  - Did you know all saved files are duplicated in Tidy Files folder?  So you can find the designated file there and tap edit and then tap X. Or if your app is in sync with your computer, open Finder and delete files directly. Or Browse in Apple's Files app, find the file and delete it. Otherwise, simply remove entire entry by swiping left and then re-enter info without the file. 

How can I mark medications as being Past Medications, I.e., discontinued? 

    - Tap checkbox next to Rx Number in detail screen and medication will be listed under Inactive Rx.

I’m switching over to this app. I have entered some data on my iPhone & some from iPad. How do I get the two to merge records?

       - Try this - first check in your device settings for each device that iCloud Storage is turned on for Tidy Health app : Go to Apple ID > iCloud > Apps Using iCloud. Be sure you use same Apple ID on each device. Then open Tidy Health app and tap Help on navigation bar at bottom > Backup > Restore Your Data From Backup. If you don’t see your file, you may need to go to Backup to Cloud Service of Choice > iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

I have a prescription that I take every 2 weeks but the ‘Direction’ field does not have a ‘2 weeks’ option nor a ‘14 day’ option. Can this be added so the notification can be used?

     - Yes, you can select direction as “take as directed”, then open Apple’s Reminders app and find prescription in Tidy Health folder. Then customize notifications.   

Is there a User Manual or Tutorial?     

        A User Guide is available in the Help section of the app - also FAQs, Getting Started, Keeping Tidy, Managing Alerts, and more. Tidy tries to be as intuitive to use as possible, but please expect a brief learning curve. Prompts and hints can be found throughout the app during the first several times you use it.


How do I go about deleting an account?

        To delete a patient profile, tap heart icon at top of Home screen - and then tap Edit >  X button.  All data is deleted. ? You can also go to Account screen by tapping Profile Photo and then Remove This Account button.


Where do I record that I’ve seen my physician and the details of that consultation?

        To record office visits, go to Progress Chart > Clinical Encounters, and select type of visit - Exams / Treatments / Surgeries. Then tap + to add details. A list of visits can be viewed according to date of encounter.


How do I remove data?

        To remove information entered in the detail screen, simply delete and re-type it. To remove entries in list view, swipe left and tap red X button. To remove images added to detail screen, go to Archives folder in Tidy FIles and tap Delete button. To undo a selection from a menu, tap checkbox again.


How do I share my record between different devices?

        To share records between different iOS devices, go to Help section and Backup to iCloud Drive. When Tidy is open on second device, tap Restore from Backup. Note that app password is never required to open a backup Zip file.


How do I enter specific lab results?

        Lab results can be saved two ways. First, reports may be saved as pdf documents or photos and then added directly into Files. Second, data points can be entered into Trackers app and followed graphically.


How do I add specific medication reminders - for instance, take at 9:00 AM with food?

        To add daily medication reminder, simply tap on box in detail screen. Name, dose, and frequency per day will appear in alert. You can enter more specific directions in the detail screen under “Notes” and also add images of pills, label, or prescription in Add + Photos. To find out more information about your Rx, tap the i button next to its name.


How do I print my Tidy records? 

        To print certain records - such as Allergies, Medications, Conditions, Operations - tap share button at top of screen and select print option if you are using Airprint compatible printer. If not, tap Share > Save to Files  > Export as PDF  > Print. Note that some information is not printable currently.


How do I get appointment reminders?

        To add appointment reminders, go to Care Team >  Providers >  Add Appointment. Your appointment reminder will appear on Home screen. Press on reminder to share appointment with another person. You will be notified 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. To remove reminder or manage notifications, go to iPhone’s Reminders app.


How do I add file documents?

        To add documents saved as pdf in your computer files, tap + Add box at bottom of detail screens and select Files. Label file when you find it and then tap + Add to Tidy. To share file, tap image and go to Share sheet. Press image for other options. To delete image, go to Archives app in Tidy Files folder and tap edit button.


How can I create folders to save in Tidy Files?

        To create folders to save in Tidy Files, tap + Add Images > select Files > Browse > iCloud Drive  and tap 3 dots at top of screen. Create and label new folder. Press on folder to see menu and move to Tidy Files.


How do I permit family members to access my records?

        Family members can not directly see your personal health record since it is stored locally on your own device and not in a third party cloud. But you can keep as many accounts as you wish on your family devices and backup data in the Help section using the same iCloud ID - and then restore data on another iOS device. You can also tap share buttons located at top of certain screens to send screenshots by mail, messages, airdrop, or print.


How can I enter data using my computer?

        To enter data using computers is not possible since Dropbox has stopped allowing downloads to mobile devices and Apple only allows sync between iPhones, iPads, and M1 MacBooks. Some iPad owners use Apple’s Magic Keyboard to mimic the computer experience. Other users use accessibility settings such as Zoom to enlarge screen size and make entering data on mobile devices less tedious. Finally, Tidy app provides ease of use with checklists, dropdown menus, templates, and more. 


How can I sync appointments with Calendar app?

        Tidy appointments sync with Reminders app and not Calendar app. A good alternative iOS calendar is Fantastical app which does sync with Tidy. 


How do I label Tidy files?

        To change Tidy file label, go to share sheet by tapping image, and select Save to FIles > Re-name > Save. Then tap add + File and select renamed file.


How do I indicate if a condition is active or inactive?

        To indicate if a condition is active, tap the red check box in menu. To indicate inactive, check the blue check box. If condition is not on menu, type it in other space, tap Done, and then check active or inactive box.


Can I export a summary document called CCR?

        CCR, or Continuity of Care Record, was used to convey plan of care during patient transfers between facilities. This format is based on paper documents and is now considered obsolete. It can not be generated in Tidy Health app. 


Can I share my Tidy records with my doctor’s EHR?

        EHRs, or Electronic Health Records, are used by most healthcare systems to save your medical data and help with billing. Some systems also provide “portals” to help communicate with patients. Sadly, one system can not sync with another provider outside their ecosystem. Tidy hopes to avoid these issues by offering a way for patients to organize and share their health data regardless of system.


How do I remove an unwanted entry?

        To remove unwanted entries, swipe left and tap the red X. Or open menu and simply uncheck the box. 


Can I restore my data if I delete Tidy app?

        Yes, if you delete Tidy app, it is possible to re-install your data if you used iCloud to back up your device. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Last Backup to see if Tidy data was saved. If so, go to General > Reset > Erase All > Turn Off then On > Restore from Backup. Alternatively, you may be able to use your computer files, Go to Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage > Backups > Done. Or sign into > Settings > Advanced > Recently Deleted > Recover. 


What devices can I use with Tidy Health app?

        Tidy app has been optimized for iPhones, iPads, and M1 MacBooks. If your p.c. is not compatible, try using your mobile device. Tidy was built from the ground up to be used with smaller screens. We provide lots of accessibility features, like dropdown menus, checkboxes, voice-to-text, and zoomed screens. 


How do I register for Tidy Health account?

        No sign up or log in required. Tidy does not request any personal information, nor can we see any data stored on your device or cloud service of choice. You are further protected by an optional 4 digit passcode as well as Apple’s world class security features.


Can I sync my data using Dropbox?

        Dropbox no longer allows sync between devices. Dropbox used to offer a great service where users could enter data on computer and then download it to any device. But Dropbox (and My Medical) no longer provide this service. Apple only enables sync between iPhones, iPads, and M1 Macbooks.


How much do I pay for Tidy Health PHR?

        Tidy app is totally free - no advertisements, no in-app purchases. We are just getting started and depend on user feedback to help make Tidy the best personal health record app on the App Store. Please help us with 5-star ratings and reviews.


How can I customize notifications?

        To customize notifications, such as medication reminders, go to Apple’s Reminders app and open Tidy Health folder. Then follow directions to customize notifications.