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        To My Medical Users

Admittedly My Medical app was a great way to compile a medical summary document. Tidy Health app is not affiliated with the My Medical folks and approaches your healthcare journey from a different direction. We do not only want to help you save your data but rather aim to become the healthcare hub for yourself and your family.

We understand the frustration of seeing the unavailability of a long trusted service. Change can be hard and even unnerving. The team at Tidy is committed to making the transition as painless as possible. But we do need your buy in to what can become an improved experience in personal health records.

Probably the first thing you will want to do is transfer all your old records from one app to another. This is not possible between two independent applications. If you still have a working MyMedical app, try sending its pdf summary to yourself and select Share option Save to Files. Then open Tidy app and tap Add + Files to download PDF into any appropriate category. There is no need to type in all this info since its pdf document can be accessed anytime by those who need to know.

Another way is copy and paste data direct from one app into the other app,. My Medical actually lets you you copy data by tapping its Share button. A good place to paste this info is into a Progress Chart folder designated "Outside Data". Simply tap button "Add Medical Record" and your MyMedical info should paste here for later access.

Of course, some of your medical profile will need to be updated and re-entered into Tidy's folders. We provide handy menus and templates to make this process as easy as possible. Some users suggest using M1 MacBooks or external keyboards if using mobile devices. 


In general, we recommend you start by populating all fields in Health Profile with a bare outline then go back later to fill in more details. Doing this first should take less than a half hour and will get your Tidy experience started. Then focus on moving forward and populating your personal health record with more recent information.

Tidy's team is here to help. Read over FAQs and other tips in our Guide, and feel free to contact us by tapping the chat icon in lower right of these pages. Use well.


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