To My Medical Users

My Medical app was a great way to keep your health data and view it as a CCD (continuation of care document). Tidy app is not affiliated with the My Medical folks and is pointed in a different direction. We do not merely aim to be a spreadsheet maker, but rather the healthcare hub for yourself and your family.

We understand the frustration of seeing the unavailability of a long trusted service. Change can be hard and even unnerving. The team at Tidy is committed to making the transition as painless as possible. But we do need your buy in to what can become an improved experience in personal health records.

Probably the first thing you will want to do is transfer all your old records from one app to another. This is not feasible with two entirely different databases. So set aside a bit of time to populate your Tidy app. Remember it does not need to be done at one time. Tidy is built to let you add information as you go along. 

We suggest you begin by importing summary documents from My Medical. Best way to do this is to open up each page in My Medical app that you wish to save, tap share button and choose Copy option, then go to Tidy's Outside Record folder and tap the button "Add Medical Record". Your summaries will be pasted here.

Another way is mail pdf summary to yourself and then Save to Files. When in Tidy app, tap Add + Files button and download directly into app, to be accessed later by those who need to know.

Of course, some medical history will need to be reentered into Tidy's entry fields. For some hints on doing this, see Data Sharing.

MyMedical has been around for a long time, so there’s a lot of functionality there. Tidy Health PHR is just getting started. Why not take a moment to explore some of Tidy's features, such as tracking trends, importing contacts, managing files and photos, two minute audio consults, Harvard Health blog, authoritative i resources, setting alerts and reminders, sharing essential information, and more. Kindly feel free to give us your feedback. Use well.