To My Medical Users

Welcome to Tidy Health Personal Health Record app. We are just getting started. Currently our app is totally free. This includes all special features, such as reminders, information buttons, audio consultations, and Harvard Health’s daily blog. Currently there is no advertising or in-app purchases. All data is stored only on your own trusted device and owned by you forever.

Best way to transfer data from another app is simply upload your Summary Document and then download File directly into Tidy. Precise medical info is critical. We do not trust moving data between two different databases. 

To Copy + Paste Medical Records -

  •   Open old health record

  • Go to data sheet to be transferred 

  • Tap share button and choose Copy option

  • Open Tidy app and go to desired folder

  • Tap “Add A Medical Record” button

  • Paste and save old record here

A glitch in MyMedical prevents direct export of Summary documents to Finder. So here’s a work-around: email PDF Summary to your self and then tap Save. When you open our app, tap +Add (From Files) and download your MyMedical Summary directly into your Tidy Files.

Data entry on mobile devices is easy with our dropdown menus, templates, checklists, layering of details, and more. Remember, there’s no urgency to enter all data at once. Relax. Now may be a good time to reflect upon your health status as you tidy up your record keeping.

Manual entry of all your data is not really “necessary”. You and your providers can easily access summaries and other files whenever there’s a “need to know”. The important thing is to keep records up to date going forward. Sadly, there is no reliable way to transfer an old database to another database in a different system. 

MyMedical has been around for a long time, so there’s a lot of functionality there. Tidy Health PHR is just getting started. We aim to be more than a traditional medical spreadsheet. We provide healthcare contacts book, file management, diary and clipboard, audio consults, IBM Watson database, Harvard Health blog, appointment reminders, lots of ways to share, and more. Our goal is to become the healthcare hub for you and your family.