Tidy Files

Tidy Files is your file management system that allows you to organize, browse, search, mark-up, and share documents and photos from a single point inside Tidy Health app. It works best when you enable iCloud Drive to sync across all your devices.


Tip - when activating iCloud Drive on each of your devices, be sure to use same Apple identification and password.

To find files or documents: 

tap + Add button and select either -

      1. Recent Files - tagged or all

      2. Browse - local or cloud storage 

To manage files:

 swipe down Browse menu and select either -

      1.  create and name new folder

      2. organize folders by name or date

      3. view menu as list or grid

To choose more options:

 long press on folder icon and select -

        1. copy or duplicate

        2. tag or re-name

        3. share 

        4. compress 

        5. delete

        6. move