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            About Us

TidyHealth PHR is a revolutionary Personal Health Record where you can

keep all your private information in a calming stress-free user experience. We strive to convey order and control so you have precisely what you need when you need it. Think about what’s important to you - and do not fret about what may be important to others. Feel in control when you face medical issues or help loved ones get the best care.


There’s nothing wrong with doctor portals that track every detail of your life, chart and graph each step you take, pretend to make  appointments or renew prescriptions. But most take too much effort to use, seldom meet expectations, and let vital messaging slip between cracks. 


Tidy Health enables you to say bye to what can sometimes feel overwhelming - and keep in sight what is really important. It approaches your healthcare as a journey - not data in some provider's electronic record system.


By comparison, Tidy Health seems like a breath of fresh air when you open it and notice your files are tucked neatly inside virtual folders. You navigate your data at a high level or granular level - it sits there quietly waiting for you to use it. You can get reminders, notifications, and expert information from IBM Watson. Best of all, your lifetime of care stays with you - and only you - forever.


Maybe an app can not cure all that ails us - but Tidy Health can help block noise and clutter from distracting us - so we face making healthcare decisions with a sense of calm and empowerment. If this sounds good to you, then try Tidy Health today. Use Well.