About Tidy

For those family caregivers who need to keep -


• Up-to-date Health Profiles

• Care Team Contacts

• Test Results and Images

• Clinical Appointments and Results

• Health Logs and Trends

• Folders filled with Medical Documents


Now one app to keep track of it all - and help you and your loved ones stay organized.


With clean intuitive design, unlimited flexibility and personalization, you can save, share and transfer all your medical information using a 100% private platform - no worries about connectivity or internet security as your data is stored on your own trusted devices and not some server in the cloud.


Add as many accounts as you like - even pets - and follow the health journeys of yourself and those you care for. 


One tap to set reminders for appointments, medications, tests - or get timely information from authoritative sources.


Use handy menus to enter data as you go along - and get nudges to stay on top of what at times can seem overwhelming.


Today - as medical practices expand to urgent care and tele-health - your family’s medical history may be scattered across many different silos - patient portals, electronic health records, websites, apps. Tidy Health sits outside it all and lets you access what you need when you need it - so you're better prepared for doctor visits and decision making. 


When it is all there - tidy and secure - you feel assured that you and your family will receive the best care.


Built by a Harvard-educated M.D. and software engineer, Tidy app has been well thought out and regularly updated based upon feedback from users like you - chat with us by tapping on Help tab, or email jon@tidyhealthphr.com


We are just getting started - use well.


Disclaimer: This service is intended solely as a tool to assist you to self-organize and maintain your healthcare information - we have made best efforts to be a resource to, and not a substitute for, the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of medical practitioners. We do not assume responsibility for any aspect of patient care administered with the aid of tools provided by this service.