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               About Tidy Health PHR

Personal Health Records are essential for everyone. Here you can maintain a digital file of your healthcare journey in one place, share it with caregivers and family members, print out health summary documents, set reminders for upcoming appointments and tests, and track daily metrics so you and your loved ones are empowered to get the best care.


Find out why Tidy Health PHR is the #1 Personal Health Record app. It’s free. It’s secure. It’s private. All data is saved directly on your own trusted device and never stored on third party servers. You always have complete control over which information is seen by those who need to know. And you own your record forever, so it will be available regardless of whether Tidy Health sticks around as long as you.


Tidy app lets you organize all facets of your healthcare into several folders or charts. It provides handy menus and prompts and nudges you to help stay on top of what can seem overwhelming at times. Watch our 30 second video preview below -


Health Profile chart facilitates listing your allergies, medications, conditions, and past medical history into a printable continuation of care document. But it is not simply a word processing tool. You can drill down into each entry to retrieve more robust information, photos and files, as well as options to set reminders.


Care Team is your dedicated contacts list so you can easily reach out to your providers, support system, facilities, and emergency contacts whenever you need them. Appointment reminders can be set by one tap. Separating these important contacts from hundreds of others in your phone app can be really helpful.


Tidy Files folder is your file management system, where all media, files and images are archived and organized by date. They can be marked up, edited, and shared. Records need not be entered by hand or hidden away in electronic health records, but can be uploaded directly from any source - print, websites, portals, scans. 


Progress Chart is where timelines of your healthcare journey are kept - everything from office visits, vaccinations, preventive health screenings, diagnostic test results, allied medical encounters, and even a Covid Journal. 


In Health Logs you can keep a diary of things to ask or do, log expenses, track metrics such as tests, mood, symptoms, and diet, and follow them on stunning graphs. You can even pin relevant articles and information you come across. Trends app enables you to enter all metrics for any given day in seconds. 


Medical Records is place to save all those sheets of paper you now keep in a binder. Insurance cards, explanation of benefits, genetic and family histories, legal papers and end of life documents. Even an up-to-date  vision chart. 


In addition to above sections, Tidy app has many value added features such as Harvard Health blog, two minute audio informatics, and a life expectancy questionnaire. You can add as many accounts as you like - partner, kids, old folk, even pets. 


Nowadays, as our healthcare system morphs into urgent care centers, Telehealth, multiple specialties, and alternative care, your family’s medical history is no longer collected in one place. It may be scattered across various silos such as electronic health records, patient portals, websites, walk in clinics, tracking apps - and few of these communicate with the others. 


Tidy app sits outside it all and helps you access what you need when you need it - so you are better prepared for navigating your own healthcare journey or that of someone for whom you care. When it is all there - tidy and secure - you feel re-assured that you and your family are going to receive the best care.


Built by a Harvard-educated M.D. and software engineer, Tidy app has been well thought out and regularly updated based upon feedback from users like you - chat with us by tapping on Help tab, or email


We are just getting started - use well.


Disclaimer: This service is intended solely as a tool to assist you to self-organize and maintain your healthcare information - we have made best efforts to be a resource to, and not a substitute for, the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of medical practitioners. We do not assume responsibility for any aspect of patient care administered with the aid of tools provided by this service.





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