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            Keeping Tidy


You may want to set aside a few minutes each day to focus on one aspect of your medical life. Tidy provides systematic folders as well as templates, menus, check lists, imports, and prompts, so entering data is a painless as possible, even strangely satisfying, as you review your healthcare journey and archive its most relevant milestones. Once entered, you can access it offline, share with those who need to know, or just feel assured that your most important information is safe and tidy.


The details of the medical information you can add in Tidy app is extensive, from standard information such as doctor visits and insurance, to care team contacts and test results, even pet care and end of life documents. Do not hesitate to try out new folders or features as you become more familiar with Tidy app’s many tools, such as charts or reminders or pdf summaries. You can also add as many family members as you like, dictate or record questions for your doctor, and query IBM Watson, Harvard Health, and


Tidy app uses native iOS programming language, which means it integrates flawlessly with your Apple ecosystem, such as iCloud files, Reminders app, share sheets, photo library, dynamic text, Apple Notes, Airdrop, Siri Shortcuts, Notification Center, Dark Mode and lots more. Best of all, navigating Tidy app is lightening fast and there is no need to tap Save or Done buttons as you work. 


It helps to tackle one category at a time - to enter your information in a consistent and meaningful way - not necessarily bare bones but sparse enough so you can access what is important. Some data can be entered in bite-size pieces, some can be tucked away for later, and some can be tossed. The important thing is that you keep going.


No one teaches us how to get the best medical care. Sometimes you think something is wrong but you can't wrap your head around it so you do do nothing. But the issue continues and sooner or later you know you got to deal with it.


Tidy app can help. Use well.

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