Keeping Tidy


Like you, we too have high levels of disorganization in our lives. We hoard unreadable or out-of-date records - maybe because we aren't sure what may be needed later on.


The trick is to tackle one category at a time - to enter your information in a pleasing and accessible way - not necessarily minimalist but spare enough so you can grasp what is important. Some things can be added later, some can be tackled in bite-size goals, and some can be tossed. The important thing is that you start and then to feel a sense of self-accomplishment.

No one teaches us how to access great medical care. Tidy Health PHR is not about keeping perfect records or even about tracking your daily step count - but it can help you tackle your health-care journey with more confidence and sense of control. 

Think something is wrong with your health but you can't wrap your head around it - making tough choices is difficult or painful - so maybe you do nothing at all - and the problem continues to grow.  But sooner or later you know you got to deal with it somehow. Tidy Health can help you get motivated and lose your fear of what lies ahead.