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             Keeping Tidy


We too have high levels of disorganization in our healthcare lives. We hoard duplicate or out-of-date records - maybe because we aren't sure what may be needed sometime in the future.


It helps to tackle one category at a time - to enter your information in a consistent and meaningful way - not necessarily sparse but spare enough so you can access what is important. Some data sets can be tackled in bite-size pieces, some can be stored later, and some can be tossed. The important thing is that you start.

Tidy app is not about keeping perfect records or even about counting your steps or calories - but its aim is to help you take your health-care journey with a sense of confidence and oontrol.

No one teaches us how to get the best medical care. Sometimes you think something is wrong but you can't wrap your head around it and you do do nothing as the issue continues to grow. But sooner or later you know you got to deal with it. Tidy app can help motivate you.

Tips to Help De-clutter Your Healthcare Life -

  1. Mess accumulates as families grow and amass medical records

  2. Many people feel anxious and stressed about keeping records of our healthcare journey

  3. Clutter can affect your healthcare choices and hurt your sense of well being.

  4. Most of us hang onto every bit of medical info because we fear we may need it someday

  5. No one likes to deal with throwing out stuff accumulated over a lifetime

  6. What is needed is a good organizational system, particularly for ongoing care

  7. Tidy app helps you keep folders for each part of your medical life

  8. As with any kind of organizing, start small so you don’t get overwhelmed

  9. Begin by creating bare boned lists of Medications, Allergies, Conditions, and Surgeries. 

  10. Then continue by working backward filling in the blanks

  11. Set aside a few minutes each day to focus on one folder at a time

  12. Take a few moments to add labels to added Files using familiar terms in the way you refer to them

  13. Digitize physical documents by scan or photo, then put them away in a safe place

  14. Review and explore Tidy app on a regular basis, and don’t be afraid to try out some new features

  15. Use Well





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