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             Keeping Tidy

We at TidyHealth want to build a relationship with our users. We know when we promise you a better way, each user’s expectations are a bit different. One size does not fit all. What serves one person’s purposes may not work for others.


We know filling out forms requires commitment of time and energy to complete to its fullest - so we created bite size goals - some records can be added later - and we do not give directions but offer indirect hints so you feel a sense of self accomplishment with the task. Embrace the process - say to yourself - “I have only certain medical information that I WANT to access on a routine basis.”


TidyHealth provides folders and files - nothing is stacked or hidden so you can quickly find what you want - and we provide a fair amount of options for what to include - you can choose. You likely have lots of unreadable or out-of-date information - you can take pics of questionable items - almost anything actually - then toss. Discard without hesitation and - once it is gone - feel good about it. Don’t burden yourself and your care team with stacks of records. Why keep data that will never be needed again? But respect your old data -  don’t forget to “thank” it for its usefulness at one time before sending it to the trash bin.


Like you, we too have high levels of disorganization. We hoard years of accumulated medical records - because we don’t know what may be important later on. The trick is figuring out how to go about organizing stuff in a pleasing and accessible way - not necessarily minimalist but lean and spare enough so we can grasp what is important. It feels great to open a medical record and not feel weighted down by so much detail. No panic anymore - you have a framework to save how much or how little is right for you and yours.


Everyone has issues dealing with our healthcare system. It is easy to blame others and lose sight of what is really important. No one teaches us how to access great medical care - how do you approach your healthcare needs? What choices can you make? Think something is wrong with your health but you can’t wrap your head around it so you do nothing at all - so problems continue to grow. Tidy Health can help you as you go through a medical issue that may be difficult or painful - but you got to deal with it all somehow. The important thing is to get energized to seek the right care. The app encourages you to lose your fear of what lies ahead - to tackle challenges with more confidence and sense of control.


It’s not all about being tidy. Keeping a perfect app is not the same as staying healthy - but it can help by not letting the noise and the clutter distract you from clear thinking. You may actually find yourself looking forward to getting new info so you can put it into the app, or opening the app for no reason except just to make sure it is neat and tidy. OCD not required. Spend a few minutes a day.


Start telling all your friends. Go on social media. Tell rhem that this app is a totally refreshing take on the tidying revolution. Bear in mind that the trend was originally intended for a different purpose. But many of Marie Kondo's basic ideas apply to your personal health information too. You don’t need to buy into the culture behind it. TidyHealth is not about keeping scapbook with organizing tips, or tracking your daily steps or exercise - it may not be life changing after all - but it is helpful aligning your relationship with your care team and family. If that sounds good to you, get the app. Use it well.