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       Outside Data / Patient Portals

Patient Portals were an incredible innovation over previous ways to get your test results, make appointments, pay your bills, and communicate with your providers. They also provide a window, or portal, into viewing your Electronic Medical Records. But despite the hundreds of hours physicians spend inputting information into their EMRs, the data in these systems are often inconsistent or missing. Even worse, various healthcare systems and providers use different portals or none at all, and so may not be able to access information siloed in the one your primary doctor gave you.


This is where Tidy Health PHR comes in. We are independent of healthcare systems and their EMRs. This means that your Tidy data is available to anyone with whom you wish to share it, even those outside your healthcare system. Even better, it is there for you anywhere and anytime, since Tidy does not depend on internet connections that can be unavailable or hacked. 24/7 access to our personal medical information is essential, if for no other reason than healthy outcomes for ourselves and our families depend upon it. 


Tidy makes it easy to import and organize outside data, from other apps or from patient portals. Simply download a report within your portal and tsp Save to Files, then go to Tidy app and tap the big red + button to Add Files in any folder that makes sense to you. There is even a dedicated folder named “Outside Data” to help organize your portal documents. Once safe inside Tidy app, the file can be re-named, enlarged, marked up, shared, printed, and archived.


Here’s a 1 minute video tutorial -

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