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       Outside Data / Patient Portals

Patient Portals were a big step forward over old ways to get your test results, make appointments, pay bills, and communicate with your providers. They also provide a window, or portal, into your doctor's Electronic Medical Record system, or EMR.


But despite the hundreds of hours physicians spend putting information into their EMRs, the data in these systems are often flawed or missing. Even worse, different healthcare systems and providers may use different portals or none at all, and so you may not be able to access information that is essential to get the best care.


This is where Tidy Health PHR comes in. We are independent of healthcare systems, government, and insurance companies.This means that your data can be easily shared with anyone, even those outside the system. Even better, it is kept there on your own trusted device, can not be hacked, and does not need internet to work.  

And it's easy to import portal data. Just save outside data to Apple Files. Then in Tidy app you can download these files in any Notecard and re-name, share, print, archive, or mark it up.


Here’s a 1 minute video tutorial -

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