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We at TidyHealth do not believe that the benefits of digital health have to come at the expense of your privacy and security.


There used to be a certain anonymity when you received medical care. Technology is changing that for better or worse. It seems that everything now gets tracked and seen by third parties. Companies use our data to learn our habits and target their advertising.

TidyHealth aims to become a small island of privacy and security in the brave new world of digital health. It is a iOS mobile tool that allows you to own and control your own healthcare data - and that of your loved ones too. All information is stored locally on your own device - and that data is yours and yours alone - to use and share as you decide. 

With TidyHealth, you choose precisely what to share and with whom. Your private results are never pulled in from another system - and there are no "cookies" to "mine" your data for commercial purposes. When you backup or share your data, you are using industry leading technologies like end-to-end encryption. 

TidyHealth was built from scratch to protect your information and empower you to use it safely forever. That means that there is no third-party access through a "back door". We at TidyHealth beleive that privacy of personal health records is a fundamental right - and we adhere to the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights -

 +  Right to have full control over your personal information.

 +  Right to easily understand privacy and security policies.

 +  Right to secure handling of all your data.

 +  Right that your data be used only in way originally intended.