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                PRIVACY POLICY


There used to be a certain anonymity when receiving medical care. Technology is changing that for better or worse. It seems that everything we do now gets tracked and analyzed by third parties. More and more apps are taking our data to learn our habits and target their advertising.

TidyHealth stands out as a small island of privacy and security in the brave new world of digital health. We do not believe that the benefits of digital health have to come at the expense of your privacy and security. All information is stored locally on your own device - and that data is yours and yours alone - to use and share as you decide. 

First thing you see when you open Tidy Health app is that you are not asked to log in or sign up. This means your personal health information is not stored on remote servers that may be vulnerable to hacks, data leaks, or ransomeware attacks. All your data is saved on your own trusted device and can not be seen by any unauthorized persons, even by Tidy app. So your data can never be collected, used, shared, or sold. Since Tidy app does not require sensitive info, you can feel safe even when bad actors trick you to reveal access credentials, passwords, or usernames that otherwise could put you at risk for identity theft, financial fraud, or targeted scams.. You can even use a nickname to open an account. 


Not only does local storage of data means complete privacy, but it also enables incredibly fast speeds and response times. No waiting for the pinwheel of slow loading times. Best of all, your data is always available, whether or not you’re off the grid. Like security experts say, the biggest thing a consumer can do is make sure they are keeping the things that are private to them - private to them.

It may seem a revolutionary idea for patients - not doctors - to maintain their own records. Your health-care information belongs to you - which means it is personal and should exist in precisely the form you wish - and never pulled from or pushed to another application.

We built TidyHealth from scratch to protect your information and at the same time empower you to use it safely. We  believe that privacy of personal health data is a fundamental right - and we adhere to the Patient's Privacy Bill of Rights -

 +  Right to have full control over your personal information.

 +  Right to easily understand privacy and security policies.

 +  Right to secure handling of all your records.

 +  Right that your data is used only in way originally intended.

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