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           Data Migration

Transfer of entire datasets from one app to another independent app is not practical or reliable. On the other hand, re-typing lots of old medical history is tedious and unnecessary in many instances.


So, if you have lots of data stored on another app, begin by exporting its summary document in pdf format, or by selecting Save To Files option when you tap Share button. You can then download document files into any of Tidy’s folders by tapping Add + Files button.


Alternatively, you can copy information in one app and then paste it into Tidy app. Some apps provide Copy File option when you tap Share button. Tidy provides a folder named Outside Data just for this purpose


Of course, some data may need to be re-entered into Tidy’s entry fields.  Use Tidy's handy checklists, menus, and templates. Some find it helpful to type using those computers that have an M1 chip - or maybe external keyboards for iPad or iPhone.


Take this moment to review and tidy up what is essential. Keep in mind that a lifetime of care need not be entered at one time - or maybe ever, as long as it's stored in files that remain accessible to those who may need to know.

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