Data Migration

If you want to archive older records or transfer them into Tidy Health PHR, we suggest the following -

To Copy + Paste Medical Records -

   •   Open old health record

  • Go to data sheet to be transferred 

  • Tap share button and choose Copy option

  • Open Tidy app and go to desired folder

  • Tap “Add A Medical Record” button

  • Paste and save old record here

Many third party applications (such as Microsoft HealthVault or MyMedical app) allow you to summarize your medical history as PDF documents. You can export this document into your computer Files, and then download it directly into Tidy app.


Follow these steps:

1. Export your Medical Summary as PDF document > Save To Files

2. If using MyMedical app, first send document as an email attachment to yourself, then tap Save To Files.


3. Open Tidy Health app and go to Tidy Files > choose a folder heading > tap + Add button > download Summary document from Files

5. To close an open File, pinch it.

6. To remove a File, tap edit button and then X.

That's it. And there are other options too -

1.)  Enter data using keyboard, dictation, checklists, drop down menus, and lists. Remember it does not all need to be done at one time - or maybe ever. (See Getting Started)


2.)  Move documents stored in Apple's Files app direct into a Tidy Files folder. (See Data Files)


3.) Scan or snap photo of paper documents and save them to Apple's FIles app. Tip - commercial copy services can retrieve and digitize your entire chart from your doctor's office.


4.)  Compact Disc - do not try to upload CD into app - best to grab screenshots of key images directly off your computer screen and save them to Tidy Files - you can keep the entire CD in a safe place and simply note where it is located in case a professional wishes to review it.