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                  Data Migration

If you wish to preserve older records or transfer them into Tidy Health PHR, we suggest the following -

Most third party applications (such as Microsoft HealtVault) make it easy to print all your data as a Summary page. You can save this document as a .xml file on your computer - then export it as .pdf file within Finder. 


Now download the .pdf Summary directly to Tidy Files inside the app.  

And there are several other good options -


1. Enter data using keyboard, dictation, checklists, drop down menus, and lists. Remember it does not all need to be done at one time - or maybe ever. (See Getting Started)


2. Move documents already stored in Apple Files app direct into the Tidy Files folder. (See Data Files)


3.  Scan or snap paper documents and save them to Apple FIles app. Tip - Commercial copy services will retrieve and digitize your doctor’s chart for you.


4.  Sync digital records from other applications - currently in development.


5.  Compact Disc - do not upload CD content into the app - best to simply note in the appropriate section that a CD is available. Or grab screenshots of key images off your computer screen and save them direct to Tidy Files.


6.  Transfer digital records from online applications -

Log in online > PDF Summary >  Save to Files > Move to Tidy Health Folder