Data Migration

If you want to archive older records or transfer them into Tidy Health PHR, we suggest the following -

Many third party applications (such as Microsoft HealtVault) allow you to print out your data as a Summary document. You can save this document as a .xml file on your computer - or export it as .pdf file. within Finder. 


Next go to Tidy Health app and open Tidy Files > add the .pdf document directly to a designated folder  

And there are other good options too -

1.  Enter data using keyboard, dictation, checklists, drop down menus, and lists. Remember it does not all need to be done at one time - or maybe ever. (See Getting Started)


2.  Move documents stored in Apple's Files app direct into a Tidy Files folder. (See Data Files)


3.  Scan or snap paper documents and save them to Apple's FIles app. Tip - commercial copy services can retrieve and digitize your entire chart from your doctor's office.


4. Compact Disc - grab screenshots of key images directly off your computer screen and save them to Tidy Files - do not try to upload entire CD content into the app - best to store the CD and simply note under the relevant heading that a CD is available for professional review.


5.  Transfer digital records from online applications -

Log in online > PDF Summary >  Save to Files > Move to Tidy Health Folder