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Everything we do at TidyHealth is based upon respect for our users to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and secure. 


Digital health records are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack. In 2018 alone, according to Moody's, there were 148 hacks and 30 advisories from our Department of Homeland Security regarding personal health information. As governments race to wire up patients, Big Medicine is getting pressured to better defend against cyber incursions and disruptions.

One reason that electronic portals are plagued by security concerns is that most are data engines pretending to be personal health records. Their business model is based on harvesting data from patients and then getting paid by third parties to use the data. 

By contrast, TidyHealth was engineered with security by design. There is no profile targeting. We do not use cookies to gather your data or track your activities. We do not connect to remote servers or data banks - all information in this application is yours alone - to use and share as you decide.

TidyHealth app is always protected by Apple security and can be backed up in iCloud. Access to your device is guarded by password, touch ID, or facial recognition, and may be enhanced by enabling a 4-digit passcode.

Whenever you share information, Apple uses industry leading technologies like end-to-end encryption - which means that your trusted devices use a "private key" to which only known devices can gain access. Nobody else - including Tidy Health or Apple - can see your data. If someone tries to hack your account, they are asked to enter a verification code sent to your trusted device. This is called "Two Factor Authentication" and can be turned on at Settings > Security > Apple ID >Two Factor Authenication.

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