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           Managing Alerts - 

     Reminders + Notifications

One of the best features of Tidy app is how one tap can set reminders for medications, expirations, tests and appointments. Timely alerts will appear in upcoming order at the bottom of Home Screen.  Share by long pressing on reminder and send it to those who need to know.


Tidy app works with Apple's Reminders app. All your Tidy Health reminders will be found here so you can manage, edit, or delete your lists. It makes it easy to invite others to sync their reminders with yours,, or just ask Siri to remind you to do something when you arrive somewhere. Really cool.


Reminders will remain in sync with all your iOS devices. Go to device Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > toggle on both Reminders app and Tidy Health app. 


If you prefer to use a Calendar app for appointments, install a good third party app like the free Fantastical app, since Apple's Calendar app does not work well with Reminders app.


And don't forget to  allow Tidy app to send notifications when asked while onboarding - or go to device Settings > Notifications > Tidy Health > Allow..

          Working with Apple Reminders

Some people overlook Tidy reminders and use Tidy app as just a basic personal health record. They don’t realize there is more to Tidy reminders than setting up alerts with one tap, and that Tidy fully integrates with Apple Reminders app, whose advanced features are actually a powerhouse of functionality that can revolutionize how you manage your daily healthcare tasks.


At first glance, Tidy’s alerts may seem like basic notifications, but as you dig deeper, you realize that there is more than meets the eye. One of its best features is Siri, which allows you to bypass manual entry, making setting new reminders a breeze. You can use Siri anytime or anywhere, and ask it to remind you about a specific appointment.


Siri will not only set the reminder up but will also understand the context, such as how far in advance or in what location to remind you about it. And you can ask Siri to cancel or update existing reminders as well.


You can also ask to be reminded about taking medication or asking your doctor questions when in a specific location. Another cool thing is Siri works with your contacts so you can say things like, “Remind me to call Dr. Brown” and it will understand who you mean.


For dealing with routine tasks, such as taking medications, getting preventive tests, or logging metrics, setting recurrent reminders is a perfect way to keep track. This way, you do not have to worry about those cyclical tasks getting done.


Another useful feature is the ability to interact with the Reminders widgets on your home screen, and this functionality can significantly reduce the number of times you must open the app to mark tasks as completed. Sometimes, you don’t even have to unlock your iPhone as you can directly view and interact with upcoming reminders from your lock screen too.


Early reminders are another convenience. Previously if you wanted to be alerted prior to a scheduled appointment, you had to manually set the alert. But Tidy automatically sets reminders one hour and one day before the actual event. And these settings can be customized inside your Reminders app, nudging you always to be prepared.


All of these features can significantly improve your ability to manage your healthcare. So if you want to use Tidy app as more than a personal health record, 

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