Alerts, Notifications and Reminders

One of the best features of Tidy Health is you can easily set reminders for medications, expirations, and appointments - simply tap the red boxes next to the name of the medication, expiration date, or provider.


It's also a breeze to share them with others. Long press the Reminder alert that pops up on your Home screen and choose the way you wish to share - message, text, email, print, file, airdrop, share an album, share reminders, save to cloud service - the list is long and always up to you.


Tidy Health is designed to work together with the Reminders app that comes pre-loaded on all iOS device. Allow Tidy Health access to Reminders app and you can take advantage of many great features. Go to Device Settings > iCloud > Apps > Reminders > Tidy Health > Allow.


To see completed reminders, go to the Reminders app and open the appropriate folder > tap 3 dots at top right > select Show Completed. Completed reminders can be saved for as long as you like - go to Settings > Reminders > Default List > Tidy Health > Sync Duration 


Tidy Health uses “quiet notifications”. This means that notifications appear only after your phone is unlocked, never beep or buzz, and don’t annoy you with pop-up banners. Our alerts wait patiently in the Notification Center until you complete the action. To view Notification Center > swipe down on unlocked screen.


While on-boarding, you are asked to allow Tidy Health to send notifications. If notifications fail to appear, go to Device Settings > Notifications > Tidy Health > Allow > Notification Center.


Reminders can be customized too - go to Tidy Health folder in the Reminders app, tap the 3 dots in upper right, and choose appearance, people to invite to share, or how long to keep completed reminders. To customize the default settings, tap on any reminder > info > remind me when > change day and time > when to repeat.


Don’t forget that Apple has built in other tricks too - like automatically backing up to the cloud, adding reminders to Calendar app, or telling Siri to give heads up about, well, anything.


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