Managing Alerts

    Reminders + Notifications

One of the best features of Tidy Health app is how you can easily set reminders for important things like medications, expirations, and appointments - simply tap a red box next to the entry for prescription, expiration date, or provider. You will receive automatic notifications and the reminder will appear at the bottom of your home screen.

Tidy Health uses “quiet notifications”. This means that notifications appear only when your phone is unlocked, never beep or buzz, and don’t annoy you with pop-up banners. Our reminders wait patiently in the Notification Center until you complete the action. To view Notification Center > swipe down on unlocked screen.


While on-boarding, you are asked to allow Tidy Health to send you notifications. If notifications fail to appear, go to Device Settings > Notifications > Tidy Health > Allow > Notification Center.


It's also a breeze to share reminders with others. Long press the reminder that appears on your home screen and choose the way you wish to share - message, text, email, print, file, airdrop, album, reminders, icloud drive - how you share is always up to you.

Tidy Health is designed to work together with the Reminders app that comes pre-loaded on all Apple devices. Allow Tidy Health to sync with Reminders app and you can take advantage of many great features. Go to Device Settings > User ID > iCloud > Apps Using iCloud >  Reminders /Tidy Health.

To manage or edit reminders, open Reminders app. You will see a list named Tidy Health. If you wish to view what has been completed - tap 3 dots at top of list > Show Completed. How long to save completed reminders is up to you - go to Settings > Reminders > Default List > Tidy Health > Sync Duration.

By designating Tidy Health the default list for Reminders app, you can ask Siri to assist you. Just say "Hey Siri, remind me to take Losartan 25 mg every day at 9 am". You can even ask Siri while you are messaging or using your Apple Watch. 

Reminders can be customized too - go to Tidy Health list in the Reminders app, tap the 3 dots in upper right, and choose appearance, priority, people to invite to share, or how long to keep completed reminders. To change the settings of any particular reminder, tap reminder > info > remind me when > day and time > when to repeat. You can even set reminders for when you arrive at a certain location.


You can sync reminders across all your Apple devices. Go to Settings > User ID > iCloud > Reminders > Sync All. If devices fail to sync, toggle Sync button on and off, then restart your devices. Make sure you sign into iCloud with the same User ID on all devices. If you update software, you must launch the updated Reminders app prior to adding new reminders. Old reminders may be lost but can be retrieved if stored on iCloud online.