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          Managing Alerts - 

    Reminders + Notifications

One of the best features of Tidy app is how one tap can set reminders for medications, expirations, tests and appointments. Timely alerts will appear in Notification Center as well as at the bottom of Home Screen.  Share by long pressing on reminder and sending it to those who need to know.


Tidy app works with Apple's Reminders app. Make Tidy Health its default folder and all your reminders will be found there so you can manage, complete, or delete your lists. It enables you to invite others to sync their reminders with yours, or ask Siri to remind you to do something when you arrive somewhere. Really cool.


Reminders will remain in sync with all your iOS devices. Go to device Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > toggle on both Reminders app and Tidy Health app. 


If you prefer to use a Calendar app for appointments, install a good third party app like Fantastical since Apple's Calendar app does not work with Reminders app.


And please allow Tidy app to send notifications when asked while onboarding or go to device Settings > Notifications > Sober Living > Allow.


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