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         Data Sharing

Sharing Tidy information between people, or even devices, is a challenge when data is stored locally on your own device and not in third-party cloud services. So to transfer data between devices, you must backup on first device then restore the data on second device, either via bluetooth (Airdrop) or via cloud service such as iCloud, Google, Dropbox, or OneDrive. 


Tidy makes it as easy as possible to do this. Go to the Backup / Restore page in Help section of app and follow this guide. Be patient since data migration via cloud can be delayed due to internet speed, traffic, and connectivity.

1.To transfer data between devices with Same Apple ID,  simply tap Backup to iCloud Drive on first device and then tap Restore Most Recent Backup on second device.


2. To exchange data with someone with whom you share an alternative cloud platform, you can Backup to Cloud of Choice and then Restore Any Backup File from the cloud drive by tapping Save / Done.

3. To share with someone using different Apple ID, tap Invite Someone to Save Backup File to send them a message with zip file attached. Open the menu at the top of the attachment and tap Save to Files. Note that password is never required! Recipient now can tap Install Copy From Someone to download file directly into their Tidy Health app. Find file inside a folder marked Tidy Privacy and tap Save / Done buttons.  

⚠️Although you can duplicate all your Tidy information between devices,  sync in real time is not possible and previous entries will be overwritten and replaced with most recent data.



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