Data Sharing

A word from Tidy Health - we’ve all been told the same thing - sharing healthcare data is unsafe - we are practically begging hackers to steal our most sensitive information. But in recent years - as devices have adopted encryption and end-to-end sharing has gotten much more secure - the problem nowadays is not security but privacy - you are far more likely being tricked into tapping a malicious link than you are getting hacked.


If health-care information does get exposed, odds are it’s because servers were breached. At one time or another, large scale data breaches have happened in practically all the big health-care providers, as well as retailers and banks.


With Tidy Health PHR - you can share your data however you want and not worry about keeping it private.

To allow Tidy Health access -


Go to device Settings > tap Tidy Health > Allow > turn on Reminders / Photos / Siri & Search / Notifications 


There are many secure ways to share information on Tidy Health -


1.  Tap share icon > share options > choose how to share


2.  Long press reminder on Home screen > share options


3.  Capture screenshot > tap thumbnail at lower left > preview screen > tap share icon > share options


4.  Create personalized folder in Reminders app > sharing > add a person


5.  Create family folder in Reminders app > tap family share > invite members to join