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                Data Sharing 

To sync data between two devices is a challenge when data is stored locally on your device and not in the cloud. Tidy data does not automatically sync between devices but must be backed up and restored each time. However, when handling sensitive medical information, this is less risky since you always know who is looking at it.


Here is how to enter info on one device and view it on another device:


To sync data between same iCloud accounts -

1. First Device -

   • go to Help > Backup page

   • tap  Backup Data to iCloud Drive

   • tap OK when done

2. Second Device -

    • tap  Restore Most Recent Backup

    • tap OK when done

To share data between different iCloud accounts -

1. First User sends invite -

   •  tap Invite Someone to Share 

   •  send copy of backup zip file to someone

2. Second User receives invite -

   • download copy of backup zip file

   • on iPhone or iPad > open menu to Save to Files

    • on Macbook > right click file to Save to Download Folder

   ⚠️ Password Not Required 

3. Second User opens Tidy app -

   • tap Choose Backup Shared to Me

   • select backup zip file to overwrite data 

   • confirm restore is successful 

    ⚠️ Note: some Reminders may not Transfer 



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