Data Sharing

There are many secure ways to share information on Tidy Health -

1. To share Health Profile (Allergies, Medications, Conditions) - tap Share icon at top right of screen and send via email, message, Airdrop, or Files.

2. To share Tidy Files - long press on File photo > popup menu >  tap Share icon.

3.  To print data - tap any Share icon and choose Print option > then select an Air-Print enabled printer.

4.  To sync devices - backup data to iCloud on one device and open app on another device using same iCloud ID > then tap Restore button on Welcome screen.

5.  To update data between devices - go to Help tab in app > tap Backup > then Restore on second device


6.  To share a specific Reminder - long press on reminder alert on Home screen


7.  To share screen - snap screenshot > tap thumbnail at lower left > tap Share icon 


8.  To share all Reminders > go to Reminders app > create a folder > tap family share > invite members