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                        Data Sharing

We’ve all been told the same thing - sharing healthcare data is unsafe - we are practically begging hackers to steal our most sensitive information. But in recent years - as devices have adopted encryption end-to-end - sharing data has gotten much more secure - the problem now is not security but privacy - you are far more likely to be tricked into tapping a malicious link than you are to get hacked. If your healthcare information gets exposed, odds are it’s because your provider’s servers were breached. At one time or another, large scale data breaches have happened in practically all the big healthcare companies, as well as retailers and banks. With Tidy Health PHR - you can share your data however you want and not worry about keeping it private.

To allow Tidy Health access -


Go to Settings > Tidy Health > Allow > Reminders / Photos / Siri & Search / Notifications 


There are several good ways to share information on Tidy Health -


1.  Tap Share icons > Share Sheet


2. Tap Reminder on Home Screen > Share Sheet


3. Capture screenshot > Tap Preview at lower left


4.  Create Personalized Folder in Reminders App > Sharing > Add A Person


5.  Reminder App > Family Share > Invite Members