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                 Data Sharing 

        All data entries save right on your device, so no need to tap Save or Done. Data is not stored inside cloud servers, and no one can see your info. To share between devices or iCloud accounts, backup most recent data and then restore within the other app. No need to open zip files or enter passwords. Restoring overwrites existing data so it’s the same on both devices. Be sure to backup any changes and to sync Tidy Health to your iCloud Drive.


Here is how to enter info on one device and view it on another device:


To sync data between same iCloud accounts -

1. First Device - Send to Another Device

   • go to Help > Backup / Restore

   • tap  Save Data to iCloud Drive

   • tap OK when done

2. Second Device - Update from Another Device

    • tap  Restore Most Recent Data

    • tap OK when done

To share data between different iCloud accounts -

1. First User - Invite Someone to Share

   •  tap Send Zip File to Upload

   •  send copy of backup zip file to someone

2. Second User - Install Copy from Someone

   • download copy of backup zip file

   • on iPhone or iPad > open menu to Save to Files

    • on Macbook > right click file to Save to Download Folder

   ⚠️ Password Not Required ! 

   ⚠️ Note: some Reminders may not Transfer 

    ⚠️ New data will over write old data

To Backup / Restore on Same Device -

1. Backup Data -

     • Select Your Device or Cloud of Choice

      • Tap Save then Done

2. Restore Data -

      • Choose Any Saved File

      •  Tap OK



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