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            Data Backup


In Tidy Health, your private data is stored locally on your own trusted devices - not on third party servers in the cloud. Tidy lets you back up your information using any storage service of your choice -  Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud Drive. However, if you ever want to migrate data to another iOS device, you must  backup to iCloud.

To sync data between same iCloud accounts -

First device -

   • go to Help > Backup page

   • tap  Backup Data to iCloud Drive

   • tap OK when done

Second device -

    • tap  Restore latest backup from iCloud

    • tap OK when done

To share data between different iCloud accounts -

Send invite to share data -

   •  tap Share With Another iCloud Account 

   •  send text or email via mail drop

Recipient saves file to iCloud Drive -

   • opens file menu 

   • selects Save to iCloud Drive

   • taps Save then Done

   ⚠️ No need to open zip file or use password !

Recipient restores data inside app -

   • if new user - creates account profile

    • goes to Help > Backup page.

   • taps Choose Backup from Files 

   • taps zip file to restore data

   • taps OK when done

   •.new data will override previous data

    ⚠️ Note: some reminders may not transfer 


To migrate data to a new app install -

•  tap Restore button on Welcome screen

•  tap OK when successful



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