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            Data Backup


In Tidy Health, your private data is stored locally on your own trusted devices - not on third party servers in the cloud. Tidy lets you back up your information using any storage service of your choice -  Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud Drive. However, if you want to transfer data to another iOS device, it is easiest to use Apple's iCloud.

        All data entries save right on your device, so no need to tap Save or Done. Data is not stored inside cloud servers, and no one can see your info. To share between devices or iCloud accounts, backup most recent data and then restore within the other app. No need to open zip files or enter passwords. Restore overwrites existing data so it’s the same on both devices. Be sure to backup any changes and to sync Tidy Health to your iCloud Drive.

To sync data between devices on same iCloud accounts -

First device -

   • open Help > Backup page

   • tap  Send to another Device > saves data to iCloud drive

   • tap OK when done

Second device -

    • tap  Update from Another Deice > restores most recent data

    • tap OK when done

To share data with someone on different iCloud accounts -

Send invite to share data -

   •  tap Invite Someone to Share > send zip file to upload 

   •  send text or email 

Recipient saves file to iCloud Drive -

   • open file menu 

   • select Save to iCloud Drive

   • tap Save then Done

   ⚠️ No need to open zip file or use password !

Recipient restores data inside Tidy app -

   • if new user - create new account

    • go to Help > Backup page.

   • tap Install Copy from Someone > download file sent to yo

   • find zip file in Recent uploads

   • tap on file to be restored

   • tap OK when done

   •.new data will override existing data if any

    ⚠️ Note: some reminders may not transfer 


To populate new install -

•  tap Restore button on Welcome screen

•  tap OK when done



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