Data Backup


In Tidy Health, your data is stored locally on your own device - not on third party servers - and it can be backed up using any storage service of your choice -  Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Apple’s iCloud Drive. 

To backup data:

•  go to Help  tab > Backup

•  tap Backup To Cloud Service of Choice

•  select storage system

•  create  Folder and name it Tidy Health

•  tap Save at top right 

•  click OK when backup successful


To restore data when new install:

•  open Welcome screen

•  tap Restore button on bottom left

•  open Tidy Health folder and find zip file

•  tap Restore

•  click OK when restore successful.


To save data on all iOS devices:

•  go to device Settings > Tidy Health

•  tap Document Storage

•  select iCloud Drive 

•  restart your device

•  use same Apple ID on all devices

To share data between devices:

• backup to iCloud on one device

• tap Restore button on second device

To save data automatically on iCloud:

•  go to device Settings > User ID

•  tap iCloud > Apps Using iCloud

•  toggle on iCloud Backup

•  toggle on iCloud Drive

•  toggle on Tidy Health

•  re-start device


To access Files on Computer:

•  go to System Preferences >  Internet Accounts

•  tap iCloud > iCloud Drive

•  open box named Options 

•  select Desktop & Documents Folders

•  tap Done > re-start computer