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Why Another Personal Health Record?

If you’ve ever tried to keep a personal health record, you know that capturing every piece of information in one place is impossible - unless maybe it’s 1965 and you are seeing your family doctor. I bet many of you still have a folder filled with paper records that you carry around to your healthcare providers.

It's pretty amazing that with today's technology, there's no good solution out there. The big companies like Microsoft and Google have withdrawn support for their offerings. And Apple's Health Record app has gone in a different direction. Even EHR portals are not user friendly and at best give snapshots of our own complex medical picture.

And how do we know that our private medical data is safe and secure when it's prone to hacking - or made available to third parties for commercial purposes? Tidy Health PHR solves both problems by organizing all personal healthcare information and that of your loved ones in a really cool free app. We piggyback onto all the amazing tools that u have come to expect from ur iPhone. Best of all, your data is totally yours with no third parties looking over it. It is stored locally - and backed up with a cloud service of your choice. If u use iCloud- it saves automatically and syncs with all your iOS devices - so u always have what's important within reach. We at Tidy Health PHR treat ur personal healthcare as part of a journey - a lifetime of care - not as data in someone else's EHR. We want to help u block out the noise and clutter of a messy medical care delivery system so you can make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones.

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Jon Fox MD
Jon Fox MD
Jan 28, 2022

Yes. Please email us at


Jan 27, 2022

How to import files from My medical to the new app? Is it possible?

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